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Vanity Hair & Beauty Salon, 6 Odeon Parade, Sudbury Heights Avenue, London, UB6 0NA.

Price List


    BEAUTY Threading Waxing
    Eyebrow Re-shape £3.50 £4.50
    Eyebrow Tidy £2.50 £3.50
    Upper Lip £2.00 £2.50
    Lower Lip £1.50 £2.50
    Sides £3.50 £4.50
    Chin £2.00 £3.00
    Forehead £2.50 £3.00
    Neck £3.50 £4.50
    Full Face £10.00 £12.00

    Eyelash Tint £10.00
    Eyebrow Tint £8.00

    1 Day Strip Lashes £8.00
    4 Week Cluster Lashes £25.00
    4 Week Cluster Top up £5.00 - £10.00

    (Full set)   £70.00
    (Half set)   £45.00
    Top up after 2/3 weeks (Full set) 45mins £35.00
    Top up after 2/3 weeks (Half set) 35mins £25.00
    Lash Removal   £12.50

    *Lash Lengths: 7, 9, 11, 13 & 15mm available

    Single individual hair attached to your own single eye lash, giving a natural accentuated yet flawless look. Lasts up to 2 months.

  • HAIR

    HAIR   Short Medium   Long
    Wash/Cut/Blow Dry From £15.00 £18.00   £20.00
    Wash/Cut From £12.00 £15.00   £18.00
    Dry Cut From £10.00 £12.00   £15.00
    Wash/Set From £10.00 £12.50   £15.00
    Wash/Blow Dry From £12.00 £13.00   £15.00
    Restyle       From £30.00
    Hair straightening       From £15.00
    Foils (Full Head)       From £45.00
    Foils (Half Head)       From £35.00
    Foils (T-section)       From £30.00
    Cap Highlights       From £30.00
    Full Head Colour       From £35.00
    Roots Colour       From £25.00
    Semi Permanent       From £30.00
    Colour Change       From £20.00
    Your Colour Application       From £15.00
    Perms       From £60.00
    Hair Treatments       From £10.00
    Hair Up       From £25.00
    Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment       From £50.00
    Permanent Hair Straightening       From £80.00
    Hair Extensions       From On request
    Girl’s Wash/Cut (under 12)       From £12.50
    Girl’s Dry Cut       From £8.00
  • Senior Citizens (Mon - Thurs)

    Wash/Cut/Set £12.00
    Dry Cut £8.00
    Wash/Cut £10.00
    Wash/Set £8.00
    Perm/Wash/Cut/Set £30.00

    Back Wax £17.50
    Shoulders Wax £10.00
    Chest Wax £16.50
    Full Arms £15.50
    3 Quarter Leg £20.50
    Under Arms £8.50
    Stomach £7.00

    Upper Lip & Chin £5.00
    Sides £5.00
    Full Face £10.00
    Full Arms £12.00
    Full Body £32.50
    Back £13.00
    Stomach £13.00

    (Hot wax is now available for selected treatments at an additional charge of £5.)

    Full Arms £13.00
    Half Arms £10.00
    Under Arms £8.00
    Full Legs £18.00
    Half Legs £10.00
    Three Quarter Legs £14.00
    Full Back £15.00
    Stomach £10.50
    Chest £7.00
    Bikini Line £6.00
    Full Bikini £20.00
    High Bikini £10.00
    Brazilian £25.00
    Hollywood £30.00
    Full Legs & Bikini Line £20.00
    Full Legs & High Bikini £25.00
    Full Legs & Full Bikini £30.00
    Full Body Wax (exc. Bikini) £60.00

    Express Manicure £10.00
    Luxury Manicure (inc. Massage & Mask) £17.00
    Manicure with paraffin wax £20.00
    French Manicure £13.00
    File & Polish £5.00
    Express Pedicure £13.00
    Luxury Pedicure (inc. Massage & Mask) £19.00
    Pedicure with parfin wax £22.50
    French Pedicure £17.00
  • Gel Polish (Shellac)

    Glossy gel on natural nails, high sheen finish without drilling, cracking or peeling. Amazing colours available.

    Hands £15.00
    Toes £20.00
    Soak Off - Hands or Toes (no electrical drilling used) £6.00

    Bridal Make-Up From £50.00
    Bridal Hair From £30.00
    Bridal Hair & Make-Up From £75.00
    Make-Up Trial From £45.00
    Hair Trial From £35.00
    Hair & Make-Up Trial From £75.00
    Bride Registry Make-Up From £40.00
    Bride Registry Hair From £20.00
    Bride Registry Hair & Make-Up From £55.00
    Make-Up From £25.00
    Hair & Make-Up From £35.00

    Indian Head Massage (30 mins) £20.00

    The Malish technique addresses the back, neck, scalp and face using a variety of massage pressures and techniques and is one of the most relaxing types of massages you will ever experience.

    Aromatic Full Body Massage (60 mins) £40.00

    Using selected essential oils, and combining powerful techniques. Actives circulation and lymphatic system relieving all signs of stress and fatigue.

    Thai Dumpling Massage (60 mins) £40.00

    Best of both worlds incorporating hot therapy & manual massage with fragrant exotic oils dumpling massage. Warm compress Thai fragrant steam herbal dumplings . Soothing massage warming the muscles & skin for improved circulation.

    (NEW) Deluxe Black Mud & Salt Scrub (60mins) £45.00

    A deep and invigorating relaxing body treatment. A powerful way of removing toxins in your body and clarifying skin texture. Stimulates the lymphatic system and encourages the release of toxins through skins pores. Also very effective on ageing skin as cell turnover slows and skin begins to retain less moisture.

    (NEW) Sea Salt Body Scrub (40mins) £25.00  

    This exfoliating sea salt body scrub is a sumptuous blend of skin polishing dead sea salts which refine and resurface the texture of the skin and leave it super smooth.

    (NEW) Deluxe Deep Tissue Massage (30mins) £25.00 (Neck, Back & Shoulder) £25.00

    Deep tissue massage is designed to relieve severe tension in the muscle and the connective tissue or fascia. This type of massage focuses on the muscles located below the surface of the top muscles. This massage covers the neck, back & shoulders.

    (NEW)Deluxe Foot & Leg Massage (20mins)) £15.00

    (NEW) Thai Silky Cocoon Facial (60mins) £40.00

    A luxury de-stress and radiance facial. An intensive thai styled facial created to combat dull, dehydrated and stressed skin. Using sophisticated techniques and products to leave your skin feeling truly revitalised, silky and bursting out of your cocoon!

    Deep Cleansing Facial (45 mins) £30.00

    This treatment will flush out impurities - increase circulation and decongest clogged pores. Ideal for skin that is exposed to elements or is prone to breakouts. You will benefit from the aromatherapy steam which detoxifies the skin and infuse nutrients to balance the skin leaving it looking and feeling brighter with improved skin texture.

    Skin Brightening Facial (60 mins) £35.00

    This treatment will accelerate brightening, improve skin tone, enhance skin clarity and create a fresher, healthier appearance. Powerful exfoliation smoothes and slough off dulling surface cells.

    Acne Facial (45 mins) £30.00

    A facial designed to combat acne and break-out using products containing Salicylic Acid. Home care recommended to help prevent future breakouts and relieve congestion.

    Relaxing Facial (50 mins) £35.00

    Treat yourself and rejuvenate mind and body with a blissful facial that will allow thoughts of the outside world to drift away. With cleansing, toning, exfoliation, massage, extraction, mask & moisturising that all create an ambience of indulgent relaxation, you can really switch off and unwind while giving your skin a little pampering.

    (NEW)Customised Facial (65mins) £45.00

    This facial is tailor-made to suit your individual skin care needs. Your therapist will analyse your skin and decide on specific products that will deliver the results you are looking for, whether you want to balance the skin, rehydrate and nourish or prevent the signs of ageing. Your facial will include cleansing, exfoliation and the use of a selected treatment mask, along with a relaxing massage to the décolleté, neck and face.